I was suffering from stress, neck and shoulder pain. After a couple of treatments with Jill I was left feeling very relaxed and the pain in both neck and shoulder subsided. Thank you so much Jill. I can definitely recommend this treatment – don’t know how it works but it does!

Michael – Grange-over-Sands


We are unlucky enough to have a naughty male cat who likes to spray and toilet inappropriately in the house. After 2 or 3 years of problems, investigations at the vets, dietary changes and books on cat behaviour, we were at the point of deciding to either spend hundreds on getting a cat behaviourist to help us or to find an alternative home for our cat where he would be less stressed.

As a last resort we contacted Jill to see if she could give some reiki to help “chill him out” - what a change! Gone was our grumpy, angry cat, our friendly, relaxed, playful cat was back. He even bought toys to us in the middle of the night to play which was unheard of. His inappropriate toileting has pretty much dissipated. He still sprays on occasion (usually when out kitten aggravates him) but that’s a sign that he’s due another session with Jill. We cannot thank Jill enough for making our house of cats happy once again!

Anthea. Cumbria


I went to Jill for help with symptoms of stress. She was not told that I also suffered from shoulder and knee pain. However, Jill picked up on these problem areas without any prompting from me and after a few treatments I feel no more pain in either my shoulder or my knees. As for feeling stressed – I can honestly say (and my husband will concur!), I am much more calm and relaxed. Thanks Jill

Gill – Grange-over-Sands